"Better Health and a Better World Through Chiropractic."


To see 100% global access to Chiropractic for patients by the year 2095 - Chiropractic's Bi-Centennial Year.


The CHIROPRACTIC DIPLOMATIC CORPS is a nonprofit non-government Chiropractic multi-national and humanitarian organization interested in appropriate advancement of chiropractic training and services throughout the world as set out in the organization's objectives and guidelines.

OBJECTIVES & GUIDELINES   (Established 1997 & updated 2003)

  • To study the current levels of Chiropractic availability, globally.
  • To maintain a website for the purposes of providing an International Information Source on the availability of Chiropractic and for recruiting purposes.
  • To facilitate greater availability and access of Chiropractic services for all people of the world.   (This will take many forms)
  • To participate in International organizations that are involved with the delivery of Chiropractic care.
  • To participate with International Health and Education Organizations and develop contacts who support quality healthcare and education standards.
  • To establish cooperative alliances with NGOs and other Chiropractic Organizations already involved in the development and delivery of Chiropractic care.
  • To monitor the efforts of the different entities who also are involved in the introduction of Chiropractic in countries with few or no DCs.
  • To encourage the inclusion of DCs into mainstream healthcare systems.
  • To seek funding for fixed and mobile humanitarian clinics in 3rd world and developing countries.
  • To seek humanitarian aid programs compatible with chiropractic philosophy that provide humanitarian aid to poor communities.
  • To include spinal health education efforts and to enhance public health programs in communities where we provide humanitarian work.
  • To sponsor or provide Community Education Programs that familiarize people with the benefits of drugless chiropractic care in countries where Chiropractic is relatively unknown. (i.e.: Spinal Health Therapist training.)
  • To provide a placement service for DCs interested in practicing abroad.
  • To recruit DCs who wish to open their practices in under served countries.
  • To recruit, encourage and coach DCs who can pioneer the Chiropractic profession in countries with little or no Chiropractors.
  • To support the development of a strong and unified Chiropractic National Association in each country.
  • To support the legalization efforts by Chiropractors in every country that establishes legislated standards for DC registration in their country; and which have provisions that ensure public safety from unqualified or under educated providers.
  • To recommend that governments offer funding for the education of their own citizens to obtain a DC degree with the agreement of returning to their homeland and establish a practice or work in government clinics in cases when they are educated abroad.
  • To solicit moneys for Chiropractic Scholarships that are awarded to students in 3rd world and developing countries.
  • To encourage Chiropractic National Associations to resource an institution of higher learning which would be interested in establishing a Chiropractic College* in that country. This will permit the training of a greater number of new DCs within their own language and culture and at a lower, more affordable cost for the indigenous population.

    *The most important factor in rapidly increasing the availability of
    Chiropractic Services in any country

  • To consult with Educational Institutions interested in adding a chiropractic department that meets the International Curriculum Standards.
  • To partner with universities within 3rd world countries in establishing chiropractic training programs that meet International standards.
  • To recruit Chiropractic Educators who wish to participate in the development of new Chiropractic Schools in foreign countries.
  • To monitor and consult with business entities involved in the development of corporate based clinic groups in regions of low DC population.
  • To recruit some of the brightest minds as team players and resource contacts who can contribute to the overall efforts of the Chiropractic Diplomatic Corps.
  • To challenge the Chiropractic profession to continue the self-improvement of it's science, art and philosophy.