"Better Health and a Better World Through Chiropractic."


To see 90% global access to Chiropractic for patients by the year 2095 - Chiropractic's Bi-Centennial Year.


The CHIROPRACTIC DIPLOMATIC CORPS is a Canadian nonprofit non-government Chiropractic multi-national and humanitarian organization interested in appropriate advancement of chiropractic training and services throughout the world, as set out in the organization's objectives and guidelines.

Chiropractic Diplomatic Corps, Inc.
Canadian Not-for-profit Corporation Registration No. 421665-2
OBJECTIVES & GUIDELINES   (Established 1997 & updated 2014)


  • To study the current levels of Chiropractic availability, globally.
  • To maintain a website for the purposes of providing an International Information Source on the availability of Chiropractic and for recruiting purposes.
  • To participate in International organizations that are representative or are involved with the delivery of Chiropractic care and stay abreast of key players and current conditions in as many countries as possible.
  • To establish cooperative alliances with NGOs and other Chiropractic Organizations already involved in the development and delivery of Chiropractic care.


  • To support the development of a strong and unified Chiropractic National Association in each country.
  • To encourage Chiropractic National Associations to resource an institution of higher learning which would be interested in establishing a Chiropractic College* in that country. This will permit the training of a greater number of new DCs within their own language and culture and at a lower, more affordable cost for the indigenous population.
  • To network with and to coach chiropractors interested in local leadership.


  • To recruit and advise DCs who wish to open their practices in under served countries.
  • To provide a placement service for DC associates interested in practicing abroad.
  • To recruit, encourage and coach DCs who can pioneer the Chiropractic profession in countries with little or no Chiropractors.
  • To recruit Chiropractic Educators who wish to participate in the development of new Chiropractic Schools in foreign countries.


  • To consult with Educational Institutions interested in adding a chiropractic department that meets the International Curriculum Standards.
  • To partner with universities within 3rd world countries in establishing chiropractic training programs that meet International standards.
  • To monitor, advise and consult with business entities involved in the development of corporate based clinic groups or schools in regions of low DC population.