"Better Health and a Better World Through Chiropractic."


India: In consultation with WHO affiliated NGOs on establishing chiropractic in India. Visit this section of our website for more information and photos.

Philippines: Initiating grassroots development of a national Spinal Hygiene and Posture Screening program with Straighten Up concepts from America and Australia.

ASIA : Legitimizing the role of the APCDF (Asian Pacific Chiropractic Doctors Federation) with special focus on developing a regional plan for the development of chiropractic schools in each appropriate country, and interesting DCs to practice in China.

USA: Actively assisting in creating chiropractic access within "America's Health Care Safety Net" clinics that serve the poor and migrant farmer populations.


  • Coaching and advising individual DCs into starting their own foreign practice.

  • Partnering with DCs who are interested in establishing clinic cooperatives in Asia and in Latin America.

  • Recruiting culturally suitable DCs for foreign practices and safety-net clinic groups.


  • Establishing a foundation for the development of foreign schools.

  • Consulting with Chiropractic National Associations in "pioneer" countries with their organizational growth and planning.


Available only in Acrobat .pdf format, this manual on Chiropractic's GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL STRATEGY (GPS) is our White Paper on the International development of chiropractic. It is a "work in progress" formulating progressive steps for each stage of chiropractic's development in new countries and frank analyses of issues affecting this growth.


Consular Contact Page

To determine where the needs are from country to country we are visiting and interviewing DCs from all over the world. The information serves to inform policy makers with statistically valuable data for current and future strategic planning in guiding their organization's efforts and to enhance the growth of chiropractic Internationally.